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Wireless communication has developed into an indispensable technology of this modern era.  Starting with the satellite transmissions to the latest mobile telephones, wireless communication has redefined the communication techniques of the modern society.

Assurance Wireless is a Federal Lifeline Assistance Program  from the Virgin Mobile USA, Inc that is providing voice, messaging and broadband services across the United States of America.  The Assurance Mobile phone service has been introduced to facilitate the low income customers.   In Colorado too, like in other places, Assurance Wireless is providing Cell Phones and wireless services to help out the residents facing economic disparities.  The Federal universal Service Fund is funding the Assurance Wireless under the Lifeline Assistance Program for providing high quality telecommunication services to the low-income group consumers.

Eligibility Criterions are as follows:

The Life Line Assistance program is part of the Government’s strategy and planning to help the Low Income Group residents and people who are enrolled in various recognized programs:

v  People falling below the Federal Poverty Line

v  Aid to Blind (AB)

v  Aid to needy and disabled (AND)

v  Supplemental Security Income

v  Colorado works and or temporary assistance for the needy families (TANF)

On an estimate, nearly 222,000 residents of Colorado are unemployed and as many as 20% are categorized as people living below the Federal Poverty Line.   Adults with an income below $25,000 are categorized as people living below the Federal Poverty Line.  The idea is to empower these people to use mobile phones for procuring employment as effectively as those falling under the higher income group.  In broader perspective, people who meet the eligibility criteria like federal or state specified programs could enroll in this special Government Benefit program.  If applicants can produce proof of enrolment in the eligible programs or proof of Income, automatically they can avail the Assurance Wireless services.   The Assurance Wireless provides a package of one Wireless phone and 250 Free Voice Minutes and 250 Free Text messages per month to any resident who satisfies the eligibility conditions.  The Assurance Wireless empowers the eligible users to not only answer prospective calls from employers but also provide a number on which they can be contacted.  Thus, the chances of procuring employment are brighter and certain when compared to the ones who do not own an effective communication device.  The Government has contemplated to bring the lesser privileged but competent persons into the employers reckoning and thereby grossly reduce the rate of unemployment and the economic instability arising out of unemployment. In true earnest, this is a means to help customers stay connected to employers and other essential and emergency services.

Apart from the voice mail and call waiting facility, the Assurance wireless provides caller ID and ready access to 911 in times of emergency.   The customers can also choose from various plan options to pay for additional minutes beyond the 250 free voice minutes at the most competitive rates.

Hurry! Eligible Coloradoans; let us join hands with the Government to fight unemployment and put the free Assurance wireless service to greater advantages.