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The Lifeline program of the US administration to provide free cell phones to the poor and needy families has brought great comfort in the lives of the poor. The unemployed persons are persons are able to contact their prospective employers and other government agencies and seek employment opportunities. But the best things happen for the parents who are able to connect themselves with their children with the help of these free government phones.

Earlier poor were dumped in war houses

Earlier in America there were war houses where the poor were gathered and kept out of sight. The children were separated from their parents in these war houses. The people were divided in seven categories according to the age and health condition and each group was separated from the other. The parents could never see their children for the whole life unless some person gave you the opportunity to elevate above the poverty level. In the time most of the children spent their lives for the entire life and were never able to meet their parents and get their love.

A human face is required in modern America

But this is the modern era. War houses are not possible now in America. America has a more human face now. So, America has come up with many welfare programs which are helping people in these hard times. It is a very crucial time for American economy. The industries have closed down and people are reeling under unemployment. Many have lost their jobs and have to live away from their children to earn their bread and butter. But their wages are not sufficient to meet their ends and their employers do not give them enough facilities. Under the circumstances the Lifeline free phone service comes to their rescue and they can remain in touch with their beloved children who are not living with them.

Lifeline service is helping parents to connect with their children

This program was initially thought of by President Reagan. The objective was to provide away to the poor families to talk to their children not residing with them, to contact their prospective employers and health care providers. But it was Clinton who actually started offering free phones to the poor and enacted the Telecommunication Act 1996.  The program continued under the administration of Bush and Obama.

The service in the present form is implemented through two:  Lifeline Assistance and Lifeline Link-Up. Lifeline Link-Up bears the initial outlay for providing free phones while the Lifeline Assistance provides subsidiary in the monthly telephone bills. These two programs together and called Lifeline. To be eligible for the program an applicant must be below 135 to 150 percent below the Federal Poverty Guidelines depending on the states they live in. Persons participating in other public assistance programs like food stamps. energy assistance, public housing and medical aid are also eligible for this program. No eligibility condition has changed since the days of Clinton and Bush.

This program has become a boon for the parents who stay away from their children. They stay connected with their loved ones. This has become a human and social face of America.