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It rarely happens and generally it is now very difficult to make people go crazy with illogical and hard to believe truths.  True, it did happen at the Ohio presidential rally in Ohio, when a lady, apparently a die-hard fanatic of President Barrack Obama started shrieking that Obama should be retained as the president for he had given the minorities in Cleveland Obama Phones and that the person who had given phones would give more.  This immediately caught the attention of millions of people across the globe and with it, a really rare non-existent; Obama Phone entity took shape and life, to the utter dismay and envy of some sensible Americans.  Over several years and even before president, Barrack Obama shot into limelight, there have been several state and government sponsored programs to help economically weaker sections with communication aids (Landline and Cell Phones) in their pursuit to communicate for procuring employment or specific assistance.  As things stand today, the American Government has contracted the Assurance Wireless (segment of the, Virgin Mobiles USA, Inc) And Safelink under the Federal Lifeline Assistance Program  to identify the people living below the Federal Poverty Line and also people enrolled under various promotional schemes and give them cell phones with free voice minutes and text messages.  As way back as in 1984 itself, the Federal Communications Commission distributed Landline phones to the low income people under a scheme popularly known as, Life Line Assistance. This scheme continued its good work and over the years has undergone various reforms from time to time and still continuing its service under the, Federal Life Line Assistance Program.  What has Barrack Obama got to do with this development which is not a current affair but good enough to be a historical fact?  Ironically, the fact remains that one fanatic lady shouts her heart out (American citizens are abreast of current events) that Barrack Obama has issued Obama Phones and scores of people believe that to be a reality and follow it up with various other rumors – All in the name of Obama.

The fact also remains that the federal program was not the brain child of President Obama but an integral part of the Telecommunications Act, 1996.  Subsidized internet and telephone access were provided to doctors & patients in rural areas, schools, libraries and to economically weaker families to have access to emergency and government services.  The Federal Program was funded through a specially created Universal Service Fund (USF) wherein the telecommunications service providers had to pay a percentage of their earnings.

Such a lot of working, integration and thinking process has gone into formulating a genuine and socially impulsive program that would help the economically weak and people in need to be benefited but what is disheartening is the fact that there are people to add fuel to rumors and mislead people into believing absurdity for reality.

In a nutshell when there are millions of issues to be addressed and set right, it is the heights of fantasy to even imagine that President Obama would take to streets to distribute free cell phones when the Committee especially setup is well equipped to handle the issue.